FOMC 13/12/2023 Prediction for the EUR, GBP, CAD

During today’s FOMC meeting, I expect the rates to be unchanged which could be a catalyst for the longs on EURUSD and GBPUSD. Market makers have been building long positions for the past few weeks.  Not only price action but also seasonal tendencies and COT support my thesis. Let’s see how it will play out.

Market makers have been building massive long on this few weeks pullback, Now they flipped to the bullish.

This institutional longs will play out tonight on FOMC


Longs reached extremes now since the drop started. Longs being closed while shorts starts to appear. Drop is coming.


EURO Seasonal Tendencies
December is mostly a strong month for the EURO.

US Dollar mostly weakens in the second part of the December.

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