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Dave FX Hunter

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Our PAMM Broker.  Australian regulated broker with Low trading fees and rapid execution with possible leverage 1:500. This is an excellent choice for not only PAMM investors but all type traders. Various and fast Withdrawals methods.

Ultra tight spreads broker
Australian regulated Broker with NDD ultra-fast execution. I would say this is a choice for the scalpers using the Algos and Night Scalpers.  Their servers are located in the NY4 server facility. 

Perfect Broker for testing the EAs and  The Mars EA . Fill code mlbu on registration and get a 30% discount from fees. CentPro account is excellent if you don’t have large funds, but want to use a broad portfolio of trading pairs with EAs.

Most reliable prop-firm. get funded up to $600 000 with an 80% profit split. No maximum trading days, No minimum trading days, No time limit, and excellent trading conditions. Start a challenge already from $50.

Second choice prop-firm. Up to $400K funding. No minimum trading days and no time limit. Instant credentials for all stages. If a trader breaches the rules but still generates profit they will pay you. Auto – Close once your target.

Third choice prop-firm. Up to $500K funding. No minimum trading days and no time limit. Blueberry broker has great trading conditions. Auto – Close once your target. Drawdown protection feautures and many more. Great special offers.