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 Telegram : Dave FX Hunter        28 October Avenue, Limassol, 3035, Cyprus

Membership in FX Hunters Traders is not only about the blindly following some trades. You will learn and adapt step by step whole working process of full time trader.  Since weekends preparations, planing a trades, following the banks sentiment and risk management. All trades are explained in advance,before they are executed. So we have strong reason to be in the position. Day by day, week by week repeating disciplined this process will sharpen your skills to the un-emotional winning traders mindset. We trade for living, life is too short to watch the charts every hour.

Signals 1

Each trade is posted as pending order, always ! I really don’t chase the markets intraday. So everyone have a time to add the orders before the price come to our levels. I do inform about all management steps from adding pending order until we close the trade.

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All trades are always explained in details. So you can easily understand this unique approach to the markets and complete process of analysis I did before the posting the trade and whats are the specific reasons to the trading decision. So you basically learn this process too.

rade list

Every trade in my transparent portfolio have a number. So you can easily track trades in my  watch list.  Trade list is updated every day or after couple updates in the portfolio. You will be always up to date about which orders were activated or still pending.


Unique COT format helps decode, what is banks sentiment which we follow and behind the price movements. COT is the most powerful trading tool and is globally undervalued, might because not many traders knows how to collect it in right format and read it.


Signals mothly fee

First three months testing period for only $79. Than $49 monthly. You can expect around 15 – 25 institutional swing to midterm orders. With Stop losses and targets levels. Weekly videos, Educational articles, CFTC reports, Risk management guidance.

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$350 Yearly subscription, It means less than $ 30 monthly for this great service which has same content as the monthly membership and in the advance you will get online access to the CFTC EXCELL SHEET which will helps you on research how to trade like a banks.

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How do you send the signals?

Signals are send via the private telegram group. You will have granted access after joining the membership. Meanwhile you can have a look to my free telegram channel.

What is accuracy of your signals?

Its around 69%.  Please visit my verified results from my personal live account. Where I have made profit profit over 500% already this year with 2 great months where we made over 100%. Scroll to the bottom of this page.

How many trades monthly?

Im trading sequence of Monthly, weekly, Daily and H4 timeframes and have under radar around 40 financial instruments. My main trading time frame is D1 (Daily). I m not looking for quantity, but quality setups with good risk reward ratio.  Between 15  – 25 mid term signals monthly can be expected. If you looking for daily rush like 5 trades daily, than sorry this service is not for you.

How many pips monthly?

I’m  swing trading, mid term and position trading. So my trades have mostly targets more than 200 pips. It takes time until this trades makes this distance, but its very profitable. I have gained over 7000 pips in last 11 months.
However in trading the pips are not important. With my risk management I can be – 100 pips and still in profit. I have explained it this blog post.

What payment methods you accept?

Except preferred Paypal. I can accept the payments via. Skrill, Neteller and Bitcoins.
For the payment details, please fill up contact form and tick option payment details.

Contact Form

Do you have live results?

Yes, I’m currently managing portfolio of $180 000 in couple live accounts. I use my expert advisors next to my manual strategies. All trades I post in the signals channels are traded on this portfolio as well.  You can visit live results verified by FX Blue Labs

What broker do you recomend ?

I personally do not recommend any brokerage companies. You should trade where you feel safety of your funds and low fees. However if you want have same market prices and be able to trade same markets as I post in the channel. You should go for ECN broker as I use.


When I can start ?

Immediately after payment you will receive instructions how to join FX Hunters Traders channel. In updated trde list you will see what pending orders you can add to your platform and will be guided which running trades is still possible to join.



Almost 10  years ago I started to chase independent life.  I wanted to live anywhere around the world and be own boss. Trading gives us this opportunity when you succeed. But its was not easy as I expected on the beginnings and as its promoted by charlatans on the internet. In the fact it’s pretty difficult to become consistently profitable when you can’t give it all your focus for couple years. I decided to move to the FX island Cyprus and get the job in FX broker where in the end I worked for almost 4 years in couple positions. I had chance to watch markets almost 10 hours daily and I had as well access to  the clients trading accounts (everyone was loosing), but still it was the best lesson ever for me.

When working on dealing desk  I explored that banks cartels are the one who controls the price and they take the advantage from the whole retail traders crowd, which have very predictable behavior. It’s like playing poker with bank who knows your cards.  So the basic formula for my strategy was: Do the opposite than the crowd, trade with those who can control the markets. There I  realized – I MUST BE HUNTER, NOT HUNTED.

Since than I’m on my journey trading following market makers sentiments  and price manipulations. After 5 years I sharpened trading rules, habits, discipline, mindset and became consistently profitable. Currently trading  $ 180 000 portfolio. You don’t need to spend 5 years as me finding out what works. Simply join me on the FX Hunter journey.


Developed knowledge of how the investment banks hunting liquidity on the markets to fill their orders. Gives me ability to spot high probable institutional levels of supply and demands. Sequence of  M,W,D  time frames, Volume, COT reports helps me to determine their activities and long term sentiment. Psychological skill of predicting crowd behavior, helps me predict where the retail traders most likely have their stop losses = Liquidity for the banks they will  hunt before the major price movement will start. This skills gives me ability to enter high probability trades with good risk reward at least 1:4 and even more with multiple targets.

$5000 – $100 000 CHALLENGE

I decided to grow up account from $5000 to the $100 000. Currently trading in profit around $25 000 after 360 days as I’m currently writing this text.  Next to it I’m trading another portfolio of $ 150 000 accounts. Some of the accounts are conservative some more aggressive. Join me and let’s go together on our common FX Hunter Journey.  As you can see on the equity curve I do not win every trade. Unfortunately, I don’ have crystal ball and can’t control the markets so I can’t promise you profit from every trade. But, what I can control and I really do is a risk. And  I can promise that if you will stick to risk management as I will tell you and not gamble. You will not loose your money ever again and in the long term run we will win together.

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