Are you looking for an easy and efficient way to maximize your trading success, while you can control every aspect of the trade and execute by yourself? Look no further!

Following an experienced trader will help you build confidence and gain more knowledge in the trading process. You will get access to the immediate stream of every trading operation from position open, partial closes, and stops editing until the trade is closed.

And yes, it’s suitable for prop firm trading !!



  • Proven Swing and Day trading Strategy based on CLS, Timings, Volume, and Smart money data
  • Trading mainly EURUSD for intraday and Swing trades withy other Forex pairs.
  • Suitable for prop-firm trading with risk per trade of 0.3%.
  • To pass the 8% evaluation we need approx. 12 winning trades. It should take around a month, depending on your risk.
  • Stop loss for day trades is around 12 pips and my targets are +25 pips.
  • We are entering trades between 9:40  to 10:30 am CET.  Rest of the day we live our lives.
  • Entry, Target, Stop loss edits, and visual screenshots are provided with every trade.
  • Each trade has a number for easier navigation and our monthly summary.
  • Swing Trades can be held over the weekend. Day Trades are closed that day.
  • I’m focusing only on high-probability setups. It means we will not have a trade every day.
  • You will get access to the VIP telegram group as soon as you pay your membership.


How it works?

It’s so simple that you can execute straight from the phone. My platform is connected to the telegram. All my operations are automatically posted to the telegram channel. You will receive all you need for executing and managing the trades. Including New pending order posts, with entry, stop, and target levels. Levels are also visible on the charts. If pending orders or running trade levels are edited, the update will be sent. As well as overall summary updates of our running/pending orders by screenshots straight from my platform.

My success rate is around 60%. It means that from 100 trades I will win 60.  But still, keep in mind that the distribution of wins and losses can be random. So keep such risk that few losses in a row will not put you in fear of executing another trade. Trading is a probability game and every strategy is just the higher probability that something will happen over the other.


Don’t get too excited when we have a big winning streak, the same occasion can happen with losses. It’s just a business which should not affect your emotions at all.


The following will help you: As you can see on the model below (I used a worse success rate) distribution of wins and losses can be random and we can have multiple losses in a row in the worst case after the 30 trades there are still doesn’t have to be profit. Frustrating? Yes, but it’s a reality of trading. Not a good strategy is a reason why people fail but lack consistency, and not strong risk management backed with statistical data. We got it all. Strategy, Risk management, Consistency, and Statistics backtests and mainly over 10 years of experience.


What to expect from the Signals channel?
Real thing !! I am not trying to portray perfection. I am portraying how it works for every trader in the world. We have incredibly profitable weeks where we are making a lot of money. Then there will be periods when I simply can’t make things work. Maybe I am not seeing the market clearly at the moment or we are in the position too early. Whatever it may be, it reflects what every other trader goes through on occasion. Only good risk management will take us through hard periods. Keep your risk such, that you will be emotionally comfortable to take the next position.


Trading is 75% psychology and 25% strategy. My trading mustn’t be affected by anyone’s emotions or opinions. Please respect the following Important rules:

  • If you have a different about the markets than my signals please keep it to yourself
  • If you missed a trade. Please decide by yourself if you still enter or skip that trade
  • Don´t ask me when there will be the next trade. It will be on the next high probability conditions.
  • Don’t ask me why I closed the trade earlier or cancelled the setup.
  • Don’t ask me to advocate for my trades or explain my ideas. If you want to learn strategy look at the mentorship option
  • Don´t ask me what I think about any market. My opinions will be expressed by my trades.
  • Generally,  please don’t ask and comment on my trades. Take advantage of what you receive in the VIP channel, but make your own decisions based on that.
  • All my signals are just my opinions, although you paid for my opinions. You are the person who made the final decisions to buy/sell on the markets
  • Be responsible and don’t gamble one trade will not make you rich and one trade should not destroy your account. Think in the long term.



Q: Can I trade Signals in the Prop firm?
A: Yes, it is completely up to you.  Be aware that, many prop firms use the same Broker. You should pick up any firm that is not under the big tech prop firm and have their tech. Here are a few of them – MyFundedFX, Bespoke Funding, and Funded Engineer.

Q: Do you explain your trades?
A: No this is not a trading course or mentoring. You will see that some trade analyses were posted in advance in some of my channels. But it doesn’t have to be in sync some trades will not be taken due to the market conditions and some trades that were taken are not posted as analysis.

Q: Can I discuss the trading with you?
A: Sorry, Please don’t contact me, I can’t discuss running trades or advocate for my decisions, it could influence my decisions. If you are interested in learning, please check my mentorship option.

Q: What if I miss a trade, should I enter?
A: If you missed the entry, check where is the price now and decide by yourself if it is worth entering. You might place a limit order on the entry and the price can come back again. If not, skip the trade. Please don’t contact me to help you to make this decision for you.

Q: What payment methods do you accept?
A: Bitcoin, USDT, Skrill (EUR), Paypal (EUR/USD)

Q: What is your success rate/win ratio?
A: 64%

Q: What pairs do you trade?
A: I trade EURUSD Intraday, also Swing trades on open on other pairs.

Q: Can I get a refund or pause my subscription?
A: No, sorry I can’t waste time managing subscriptions. If you buy signals for the month your access is valid for the next 30 days. Think in advance, refunds are not provided for any reason.

Q: Do you offer any discounts?
A: Yes, register with my partner broker FP Markets make a first-time deposit minimum of $500, and let me know to, after you qualify as a client by trading 2 lots. I will refund you back 50% of your first-period purchase. Discount applies only to new registrations in the broker.

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Are you looking for an easy and efficient way to maximize your trading success, while you can control every aspect of the trade and execute

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