Copy Trading

Copy trading has made the financial markets considerably more accessible, by reducing the amount of time and knowledge it takes to become a successful trader. Copy trading is beneficial for every trader. New traders jump right in, copying experienced traders and learning from them along the way. Veteran traders can save time by copying other experienced traders which they trust and diversificate their portfolios.

Whether group you fit into or you just don’t have time to trade. You will definitely find the main benefit in saving the most precious commodity in our lives – Time. Time which we can use for our hobbies, family, traveling, or growing other businesses.

Copy Trading is simply Fully Automated Passive Income.

FX Hunter Wealth Copytrading Service is provided via third-party provider Signal Start. Cloud software connects the bridge between our Metatrader 4/5 and copies the trades from the signal provider to the follower’s Metatrader.  Trades are copied instantly without delay inside the Signals Start cloud. So you can save additional cost from the VPS and you don’t have to install any complicated software. You can enjoy passive income right from the first moment without any effort, charting work, technical skills, or needs to understand the markets.


Other benefits

  • Fully Automated cloud system
  • Saves your time and effort
  • Skips years of learning to trade
  • No VPS or complicated software  installation
  • Full risk control on your side
  • Money works for you
  • Connection within a few clicks
  • Any broker


ICT Trading EUR Signal 

The strategy is focused on Intraday and Swing trading on the EURUSD only. Using my ICT trading model. Trades have minimum Risk Reward 1:3. Partial profits are always taken. Risk is variable from 0.5% to 3%. Although strategy consists of intraday trades, trading depends on market conditions and there are no trades every day.

  • Instrument: EURUSD
  • Minimum capital: $200
  • Target: +10% Monthly



The Mars EA

The strategy is employing The Mars EA algorithmic system that trades correlations between commodity pairs AUD, NZD, and CAD. More details trading system is described in the EA Product page where you can buy this EA for yourself too.
This is grid trading (multiple positions can be opened). Withdrawals of profits must be part of your money management.

  • Instruments: AUDNZD, NZDCAD, AUDCAD
  • Minimum capital:  $500
  • Target: – +10% Monthly



For best results, you should use the same broker as I have, but both strategies can be copied with any broker firm, MT4/MT5 account. It’s completely up to you.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I copy Signal to the Prop firm?
A: Yes, it is completely up to you.  However, it’s not generally it’s not recommended for a few reasons. We can´t guarantee that trading conditions in a month when you take the challenge meet the prop firm requirements.  As well, please be aware that prop firms can disqualify you if your trades are identical to other traders in the company. Which is something that we as signal provider cant control and guarantee.

Q: Do you explain your trades?
A: No this is not a trading course or mentoring. You will see that some trade analysis were posted in the advance in some of my channels. But it doesn’t have to be in sync some trades will not be taken due to the market conditions and some trades that were taken are not posted as analysis.

Q: Can I discuss the trading with you?
A: Sorry, Please don’t contact me, I can’t discuss running trades or advocate for my decisions, it could influence my decisions.

Q: How does Signal Start copy trades?
A: Signal Start uses readily available broker API’s to copy trades from one trading account to another (even between different brokers). Signal Start is designed to copy trades that meet the slippage criteria (3 pips default). If a trade cannot be copied, it will be retried until successful or invalid – this ensures optimal trade syncing and even in some cases, better entries than the signal.

Q: What is Signal Start?
A: Signal Start offers a seamless process for signal followers. The service is completely transparent and allows you to copy trades to any forex account (with supported platforms) in a few minutes.

Q: Do I need to open a new trading account?
A: No. Your existing account will work just fine. You simply need to register an account and subscribe to the system(s) of your choice. You will not have any markups or hidden costs.

Q: If I subscribe to a system, can I still trade normally in my account?
A: Absolutely. You can keep trading normally – it will not interfere with Signal Start. Please do not copy the comments or magic numbers of any open Signal Start trades since our system may close these trades automatically.

Q: Are there any spread markups or hidden costs?
A: No. Since you keep trading your existing account, you will have exactly the same conditions. Signal Start only charges a small monthly service fee for operating your account and subscribing to systems.

Q: Do I need to keep my trading account open?
A: No. Signal Start is designed to be a completely standalone service and as such, you do not need to keep your trading account open or install anything on your computer. Your terminal will be connected 24/5 on our servers.

Q: Can’t I use my own VPS to cut down costs?
A: Signal Start is already cost-effective. Maintaining your own VPS with real money on the line can be dangerous – if the VPS malfunctions while you’re away, you could lose thousands of dollars. That’s why it is always best to leave it to the professionals – with Signal Start your account is connected and monitored 24/5 while you can do whatever you wish – all for a small monthly fee which is more than worth it.

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