Say good bye to losses. Copytrade !!

We are super excited to inform public, that after many requests of the followers, we have finally convinced famous Swing trader, Algo trader and Forex mentor Dave FX Hunter, to provide his live trading accounts for copy trading. So now you can  let essentially experienced professional trader with his automated and manual strategies work for you.  […]

USD/CAD long setup

Price is supported on the weekly demand zone. Durring the summer price moved higher and than back to the prices around 1.30 as it was before only the banks now have same exposure longs on which they took profit and they have much less shorts as I mentioned on my latest video. It tells me […]

FX Hunter Swing PAMM account

Our privately managed  account raised to the third position of overall ranking from 73 money mangers. 6 months of consistent profit with low draw down. In average 5% of profit every month for our investors created for them 36% profit overall.

MT4 Volume Template

MT4 Market profile, Volume and Price Action template. Great tool for analyzing market and planing trades. This is all we need for making precious decisions. Forget Bollinger, RSI, Stochastic and similliar useless indicators. With this template we can follow big players by see their footprint.  They can do a lot of tricks to put retail […]

Position Size Calculator

Money management and Risk management is a key for every succesfull FX trader. Non strategy is succesfull 100%.  But even with succes 50% or less you can be profitable if you have good money management.  Using low volume is not enough.  We must calculate risk for each trade. We must use risk reward ratio at least […]