Money management and Risk management is a key for every succesfull FX trader. Non strategy is succesfull 100%.  But even with succes 50% or less you can be profitable if you have good money management.  Using low volume is not enough.  We must calculate risk for each trade. We must use risk reward ratio at least 1:1,5 it means that our profitable trades are bigger than loosers. But if we will use still same volume it will not work, because each trade has different pips which we risk. So we must make risk for all trades same % of balance.  We can do it easily by adjusting each position size, because each trade has different pips to SL.  With position size calculator, simply choose currency of your account, balance, percentage of risk for trade. Never more than 2% or you can swap to money. Measure how many pips it is from pending order to SL  fill it up, select currency pair and click button to calculate. It will simply calculate your position size. We must do it  for each trade. Only with this good risk management and position sizing we are able to  avoid psychological influence of fear and greed when trading and be consistently profitable for long time

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